13 Ideas for a Corporate Gift

Corporate gifts are commonplace in the business space. But it is very important that the gift is chosen wisely. There is an art and a strategy to gift giving. With a suitable gift for a business partner, any company can strengthen its business relationships.

At One Gift, we create personalized gifts for various corporations and occasions, keeping in mind the occasion and the budget. We understand that showing gratitude to business partners is unique, so we strive to the best, by discussing many things until we arrive at the most suitable surprise for your business partners.

Corporate gifts are a long-standing tradition because they bring countless benefits. Specifically, giving the right gifts to business partners will help your own company in many ways.

Here are some of them:
  • You warm the relations with your partners
  • You stand out from the competition
  • You show your partners that they are important to you
  • The loyalty of the partner becomes greater to your company
  • You introduce future partners to your corporation and brand
  • A few gift ideas for business partners
  • Each person is unique and has their own interests, hobbies and passions. What we will offer from One Gift are ideas that appeal to many people and can be easily customized for each individual. After all, the best gifts are those that are chosen with the recipient in mind.

1. Luxury chocolate basket

It's a gift that you don't necessarily need to know your partner's habits, a stylishly arranged basket full of luxurious series of chocolates combined with a nice drink. You can't go wrong here.. Usually for men gift baskets are made with dark chocolate and malt whisky, the dark chocolate helps bring out all the malty notes. When we prepare a gift for a woman, we put prosecco or French wine combined with designer handmade chocolates. And when it comes to an office where the gift should be for more people, we comply with
the quantity so that there are no disappointments. All chocolates and drinks are specially selected and most of them are hard to find in stores. Each one of our customers is special and the personal attention we give makes our gift sets different from all the others.

2. Office accessories

Hardworking businessmen have an office where they spend most of their time. The desk accessories are not very big, but they are always nearby and every time he looks at it or uses it, he will think of you. Business card holder, name tag, stylish pen or handmade notebook.

3. Travel accessories

Businessmen often travel. That's why travel accessories would make a great gift for a business partner. Personalized luggage tags, suitcases, stylish travel kit full of travel cosmetics.

4. Clock

Watches are very purposeful gifts. They can decorate the office, homes and other spaces. A stylish watch, it will always remind you.

5. Bar accessories

Here you need to know the habits of your business partner, if he likes to unwind with a glass of whiskey, a malt set with boutique glasses for him will be much appreciated. If he is a lover of fine wine, a bottle of French aged red wine, paired with fancy glasses and a carafe, will be a wonderful surprise.

6. Crystal vase

If you are looking for an elegant effect, class and something unusual, a crystal vase would impress any business partner. These crystal objects show great finesse and craftsmanship.

7. Picture

Here you need to know what your business partner likes, the style of furniture for which the picture will be intended. A work of art makes a wonderful gift for those who truly enjoy the finer things and beauty. In addition, giving a painting can support young talented artists and with your gift you can support the development of someone else.

8. Membership + Subscription

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences. Your business partner loves golf, give him the gift of a golf weekend. Take into account the interests of the person important to you and give them the opportunity to make wonderful memories themselves through your gift.

9. Portable speaker

Portable speakers can be both a practical and fun gift. Many portable speakers connect to a variety of technology devices, such as phones, music players, and computers. This means your business partner can use it to more easily hear phone meetings or listen to music. Some portable speakers are also waterproof, so your partner can also use it while in the pool.

10. Candle

Candles can make a home or work space more beautiful. Many of them have pleasant aromas. You could give your business partner a personalized candlestick with his name on it.

11. Diffuser for aromatic oils

Aromatherapy is used in various types of medicine, and more and more people are bringing the intensity of aromatherapy into their homes and workplaces with essential oil diffusers. With an oil diffuser, your business partner can add a few drops of oil (lavender, peppermint, orange, etc.) and make a vapor that fills the office with a wonderful aroma and also relieves stress.

12. Wireless headphones

If your business partner talks a lot on the phone, they might appreciate a wireless headset. It has beautiful and stylish designs.

13. Portable charger

A portable charger will help business partners on the go during meetings and trips. This is a problem faced by many people in the corporate world as the phone or laptop battery drains and some important
things remain unfinished. A portable charger will come in handy at such times.

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